Well i said i'd do it, so here we go, my before and after pictures.

I deliberately uploaded these ones as we think they truly reflect how awful one becomes without realising it.  

It's a slow and steady decline that creeps up on you.

Perhaps the fall from grace is revealed through health scares, somebody passing comment, realisation that you can't do something basic or going through old family photographs.

Even when i have a relapse of the CBAs (the dreaded "can't be arseds") i will never let myself go like that again. For one thing it's too much hard bloody work putting in the rescue plan; it is far easier running maintenance!  

What was particularly gratifying was the response i`ve had from friends, as well as all those on Facebook.

Once they get over the shock of the pictures, they then see what a marked difference there now is.

And knowing that what i`ve done and said evidently works (!) they are then motivated to sort themselves out.

We think it makes a real difference to see someone who has been there, seen it, done it, but with all the luggage of normal everyday folk.

I may not be a 6 packed Adonis, but mine was a different path and i have different priorities, interests and obligations than other PTs :)