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February 1st 2013 update

Crikey O’Reilly where does the time go?!

Sometimes life just seems to ebb away on a tide of inconsequential nonsense—i wish i had one of those alpha personalities like Richard Branson, Bill Gates or a multitude of others, but unfortunately i`m naturally a bone-idle dreamer!

So what’s new?

Well christmas Eve saw me complete the Insanity 60 Day Challenge, fully and without missing a day. So quite pleased with that. I didn’t turn into a young, black American with washboard abs high-fiving everything in sight, so not pleased abou that… :P Seriously though i know all that marketing stuff is utter rubbish, but it did give me some ideas for my clients, gave me a set challenge to complete and did wonders for my aerobic fitness.

Consequently as of 04/02/2013 i`ve done sod all exercise in comparison!

Oh hang on, i know do Krav on a friday night too, which mainly consists of an hour and a half of getting my face rearranged in the extremely physical sparring. I`ve come away with some painful wounds, but i still keep going like a silly arse… I`m getting to the stage now where i think if i never use it i`ll be a bit pig sick! Sod’s law says i’ll get my arse kicked as well :P

Still P3 grading booked for end of March, just my Brother’s wedding in Sydney to go first! Flying out for a week and a half without my family, which i`m not pleased about but the costs were just horrendous and would have crippled us.

And Christmas? Well i managed to gain half a stone.

Seriously, i thought i`d eaten baby jebus. So where did it come from? Fat? nope, that would have been physiologically impossible. I`d have had to be doing Mr. Creosote impressions every day for 2 weeks.

What it was was all the shite i was eating partially reinflating the existing fat cells—retention if you like.

So what did i do? Cut the carbs, skipped breakfast and hey presto all gone, no harm done. Come February 1st i’d dropped back under 13 st again, just in time for beach wear in sydney—if it wasn’t for the unsightly skin that is a result of too much weight :( Oh well, it could have been worse!

So when i get back from my beloved Australia, i`m looking at starting up the next early morning challenge, probably Les Mills Combat, then i’ll hit the weights once Spring is here.

Also looking forward to training my clients away from the carpark now that the nights are getting darker later.

And i`m waiting to see if i get on a Univeristy course too…more on that later :)

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November 1st Update!

Yep, changed things this month…

Think i struggled aerobically on the crosstrainer changing up another notch of resistance, and it also started slipping on the drive belt. I’m not sure they ever intended these things to be properly used!!

So with a Krav grading on the 13th which was completely knackering, i found CBA days were becoming a bit too frequent.

Couple with the change in the weather and Esther being at home full time now, even my faternoon workouts were falling by the wayside.

Not Good.

So what to do? Well i think i did pretty well lasting as long as i did with the morning routine, and i enjoy getting it out of the way as well as waking me up so it was clear that i needed to keep this mindset going. what with other confounding factors, i decided to have a bit of a finger pull out, set the alarm earlier and actually make more of an effort to get on with things. Procrastination is one of my major, major, major failings, so i`m trying to be a bit more dynamic…

So with all this in mind and after lots of reserach i decided to plunge both feet first into the Insanity workout.

I don’t tend to do things by halves.

So on 22nd of October, i kicked off on the 40-45 min a day, 6day a week, 63day challenge of basically HIIT bodyweight cardio that leaves me sweating like one-legged man at an arse kicking contest. the gopping factor is right up to 10 on this one!

It also doesn’t help that they are all young, perky, bright bouncy yanks, and i`m a sarccy old man doing this at 6am in Bletchley. Bit ying and yang and i`m certainly not nearly as supple, stretchy or light as they are, but dammit if i`m not keeping up :)

I can probably do about 85-95% of any given workout, but some of the combinations are really tough. Granted it’s early days and there is still a long way to go, but i aim to stick with this all the way through to Dec23rd. the only day i`m going to miss will be Dec 1st where i have a 6hr Krav training session in Harlow with the head of the organisation. Is suspect i will be toast after that :)

Other than that, all good. Nutrition is fairly consistent, but with added cake as my number one son is going though a Great British Bakeoff Phase and doing a lot of cakes. Some are good, some aren’t and being a typical teenager he thinks more is better!

So despite October being a crappy month weather and motivation wise, i changed things and moved on.

See, even PTs get bored of exercise :P

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October 1st Update!

Not sure what happened in September, must be the menopause…

Definately a month of mixed attitudes, one minute doing intensive conditioning work, the next struggling to get motivated for anything let alone exercise.

Suffice to say i only did two Double Up Days, but had 6, yes 6, Can’t Be Arsed days.

Granted one of the days was because i did 6 solid hours of Krav Maga training in Northampton in preparation for my grading in two weeks, but i`m coming to the conclusion that i`m definately solar powered. These grey rainy days, coupled with some mid-life angst really suck the life out of me.

It didn’t help this morning when i see that i’ve now put on an extra kilogram. I haven’t done measurements yet but i know i’ve had a lousy month diet wise. The call of tiger bread and chocolate philly, too many sweets and my son’s new found obsession with baking (thank you Great British BakeOff) have all led to too much extra un-needed refined carbs—lovely as they may be.

Granted this consumption is paltry compared to what i used to be on, but still; it’s not exactly prime nutrition!

So this month it’s time to reign in the excesses and make more of an enthusiastic effort. I also mean to stop procrastinating as much!

On the plus side the weights and reps are going up and hopefully i`ll nail P2 this month, and i`ve had some great results with clients—i personally now just need to be less lazy, regardless of the damned weather… :)

oh and ps:

130km crosstrainer

1040 24kg kb squats

1560 narrow and wide pushups on bars

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September 1st Update!

Well that was a mixed month for the habit!

3 double up days, but 2 CBA (can’t be arsed) days, and two days away training in Loch Lomond at Krav Island. One CBA day was a late one the night before, my sister was up and we went for a walk/trim trail instead. The second one was a massive fry up cooked by my kids for my birthday :)

And although the moonth started well with at least 2 training sessions a day now (including the Habit), the last week saw two birthdays, a bank holiday and Krav recovery, so i basically did zip and ate rubbish.

And stayed exactly the same weight as previous 2 months!!!!!!! Lost a bit more bf% so not too bad.

I`ve also noticed that i now don’t need breakfast and can make it through to lunchtime without requiring a hit—i`m guessing my fat adaptation is now virtually complete, and that i now need a lot less calories to see me through the day what with weight loss and sorting my diet out finally!

I`ve also noticed that the week of eating crap food didn’t stress me out, because i knew what i was doing, but i also looked forward to eating clean and basic.

Previously i would have looked at that idea with disdain. Proof positive that my nutrition is under control :)

As for the monthly weigh in I think i`m now at peace with what the scales are showing me, and it is a reflection of my station in life. when one factors in previous history, age, lifestyle, genetics and all that I reckon 84 kg (just over 13st) is my “treading water” weight, or what i should be if i do nothing training wise.

With that in mind it now becomes correspondingly harder to effect change that is as vivid as rapid weight loss, so I’m now looking to increase the weight range to develop good musculature and physique. This should also serve my Krav aspirations of becoming an Instructor eventually.

So for September? Well my little girl is now at home full time now, so training will be more of a hassle with little feet getting in the way, and sometimes i really do suffer from the CBAs—but this has been a trait i`ve lived with all my life so i tend to overcompensate with mad days!

I`ve increased the pressups to 30 triceps and 30 chest (basically elbows into the body for the former, wide arms for the latter) and on pushup bars, and squats are now to 40 with the 24kg KB, but both these and the xtrainer are proving really hard at the minute because my lungs are buggering about at the minute.

Hoepfully this month i will source an olympic bar and i`m also looking at a grip developer for my weedy forearms!

See you next month   

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August 1st Update!

Well the dizzying heights of rapid weighloss have come to an end, which oddly is quite disappointing! It was nice seeing the numbers drop each month and it does give one a real sense of achievement.

However, what it does mean is that I’m at my genetic and age base point now, so it’s a case of “this far and no further!” I will never, ever get to that size again through lifestyle choices and stupidity. It’s not big, hard nor clever and makes you feel like shit.

Weight wise, anything less than this is now going to be a long protracted affair, with hard work and conscious choices, as I will now be looking at dropping BF% and increasing muscle mass.

There is however a realisation that because i let myself go too far, I`m now carrying a fair bit of excess skin. Although it’s not quite up to the rolling folds you see on Embarrassing Bodies, the elasticity has gone and the skin was stretched too far beyond recovery that youth can enjoy. To minimise the deflated “look”, I will have to back fill with muscle!

So, still the same eight and measurements roughly the same, worked out to be a 3% BF drop. Not bad at all :)

What about the numbers?

xtrainer: 185km, with a 20sec sprint (two sprints on DUDs)

squats, 16kg KB: 2220

Pressups, varied: 3700

I also threw in a couple of jogs—unheard of! 

You’d think i’d be built like a tank by now!! :P

So for the month of August, I’m going to drop the reps and up the weight on Kb squats, so i’ve got 2x12kg and starting with 30reps. That hurt, especially with 2!

I`ve also got pushups bars to increase my range of motion, and will be doing 25 narrow (tricep) and 25 wide (chest). Amazingly that was really tough—those extar couple of inches make all the difference. Said the actress to the bishop…

I`m also looking to increase the frequency of workouts now to one a day—nowhere near to over training as athletes do it 5-6 hours per day 6 days a week, but i really want that functional power for my Krav.

See you next month

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July 1st Update

Well that was a mixed month!

160km xtrainer

1600 16kg KB squats

2880 pressups

Because of our trip to Paris i couldn’t do my daily routine. BUT since New Year, I made it 160 Days of xtrainer, squats and pushups WITHOUT FAIL!!! I`ve reset the count, so let’s see how long i can make it until the next break :)

Due to the weather outdoors, training has been very hit and miss, mostly miss. I`m just naturally lazy, and any bad weather puts me in a real CBA mood. Thank heavens for the morning routine—it’s one of the primary reasons why i do it, as it ensures i do something!

With one thing and another I lost the inclination to fast this month, and i think this is one of the reasons why weight loss was only marginal at 1kg. I think i`m beginning to slow down as I reach my ideal weight anyway, so any further losses are going to take longer, but it is naturally disappointing to not see huge chunks of weight slough off. Time to look at it with different glasses to see all the positives and not fixate on weight loss, because that always works. Not!

The fact that i now cannot lose huge masses of weight just means i`m nearly there, and most of the hard work is done!!!

Father’s day saw a huge jar of chocolate full of my favourites. Sometimes my family has odd ideas about approriate gifts…With that in mind i turned it on its head and introduced a new rule in our household. 

We will not buy chocolate or sweets as part of a “normal” weekly Tesco shop. If we want to have some, WE ALL have to get up and walk to the local shop (and only on a Saturday/Sunday). It’s all or nothing :) If it’s not in the house we can’t have any, and this works well with my natural laziness!

I have found that if i do get properly hungry, and not bored-hungry, a nice big chunk of cheese seems to do the trick. This is usually about 9pm.

Did a heavy weight session with Teresa at the local gym, just to benchmark where we are. It’s given me a hankering to lift heavy more often, but we’ll see how that goes—that takes more organising than i’ve got time for.

So after a whole month of ups and downs, faff and fun, i`’m looking forward to getting a good, solid, rotuine July under my belt. I`ve increased the work on xtrinaer now from a 15sec ond sporint to a 20second one (that is awful), and upped the squat count now to 60, and the pressups to 100…!

It is surprising how long all this work takes to show through, not just because of where I started, but also because of the marketing lies that lead you to believe in model bodies… 

As Dory says in Finding Nemo “just keep swimming, just keep swimming,just keep swimming…”

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June 1st Update

Quite the happy monkey this month, as we had to go shopping for new clothes; they were actually falling off me—not literally or figuratively!

And it got even better when i selected some shorts based on what i thought i was, a 36, then found that i was actually now comfortably fitting a 32.

We then dashed home, went in the loft, and got out my wedding suit last worn 15 years ago. And it fit easily :) Not only that but i distinctly remember the blood supply being cut off to my legs during the evening reception, so when i actually wore the suit in anger i had been a little optimistic with the fit!

The cherry on the top of the day was when my younger brother piped up in incredulous disbelief on Facebook. I took particular satisfaction in that, as he has always been the skinny minny compared to my Cartman-esque proportions. I know it would really have stuck in his throat and that he would have been off to the gym at the earliest opportunity :)

The actual weight loss seems to have slowed a little this month, compared to April, even though a 2kg loss of unwanted fat is still fantastic objectively speaking.

I know that as i get closer to target weight this will start to level off and become harder. It’s at the higher end of the scales that drops in weight can be quite dramatic. The trouble with that is the “deflated” look, where excess skin doesn’t snap back.

At my age I’m conscious of the loss of skin elasticity, and funnily enough although the rest of my body is fine, my neck suddenly took on a vague resemblance to turkey neck! It’s not too bad, and is infinitely preferable to that “over inflated” look, but it’s something to be aware of when losing weight!

So what about totals?

Crosstrainer @ 175km

Pressups @ 2800

16kg KB squats @ 1400

I will be adding 10 pressups to take it to 90, and 10 squats to take it to 50. the crosstrainer will stay the same, although I aim to increase the speed average.

I’m really hoping to get into the 12st territory on the next weigh in, because that really is long forgotten territory. I doubt I’ve been that weight since school!

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May 1st Update

Well guys and gals, it’s that time again for a monthly update on the morning straight-from-bed sessions!

Firstly I’m extremely happy to report I’m now the lightest I’ve been in over 10 years. In fact, the last time was when I was working graveyard shifts at B&Q doing 8hour stock replenishment, smoking and looking after 2 kids on 4 hours sleep a day for a year. All that shifting paint, wood and so forth did wonders for overall tone and strength, but that lifestyle, although fulfilling a requirement at the time, was just silly.

So what’s the count at the end of April then?

Well yet again I’ve not missed a day, so that’s now 121 continuous days. I think that qualifies it as a habit now :)

175km on the Crosstrainer

2460 8kg KettleBell squats

2460 Pushups, including wide, narrow and gymnastic (these latter ones are a slight variation on narrow but, gawd, does it make a difference!)

So as of today then I’m going to be ramping down the reps, but ratcheting up the weight on the swuats, so I’ll be doing still 5km on the crosstrainer, but 40 16kg KettleBell squats, and adding another 10 pressups to take it to 80.

Unfortunately I’m still struggling to put pressure on my toes, due to an injury, but once that is resolved i will change the form of the press-ups too. We’ll see how it goes.

So May 1st sees me pleased and vindicated. It is completely evident that the changes I’ve made to my daily life, through the implementation of findings from a lot of research, reading around and training that I’ve personally done are working well for me :)

And yes, I’m still eating Maltesers….

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