1) Am i tied into any form of contract, obligation or membership?  Nope, not at all. We work on an honour, integrity and value system. You pay us because you are more than happy to do so and because you are deriving real benefit from us. All we ask is that should you, for whatever reason, decide to leave us that you give us feedback!  

 2) What do you do that is different to other trainers? To be honest that's like asking why some people go to Sainsbury's instead of Tesco's or drive a Toyota instead of a Ford. Personal Trainers tend to have their own styles, personalities and training preferences, so you need to find the Personal Trainers who match your requirements and personality. 

As two middle aged parents we have a certain experience and view of life which may be completely different to a 20 year old rugby player turned PT, and our training is predominantly based on what worked for us.

Obviously we do have a broad range of techniques at our disposal, but we don't do shouting, punishment or anything that you wouldn't want to do! 

3) Do you train anybody? We fundamentally believe that everyone and anyone should exercise regardless of age, size, or ability. There's always something that can be done. We work closely with you to deliver your requirements, but at no time would we push you into areas where you cannot go. If necessary we work with other professionals to ensure that you are always safe and any barriers are completely understood. Carers and interpreters are absolutely welcome (and roped in!!). We make damned sure that your exercise is fun and something you look forward to, it's not a punishment session but something you take with you forever! 

 4) Is dieting not enough? No. Full Stop. You really, really can't have weight control without exercise. In fact conceptually they really shouldn't be separated at all. Having one without the other makes no sense whatsoever. Take a car analogy. You wouldn't fill a Ferrari with red diesel, nor would you fill a tractor with Shell V-Power. Right fuel for the right job. And that job is to see you make it through at least 80 years of productive life! Being a skinny minny, but all your joints, muscles, bones, tendons are useless is rather silly. What's the point of living from 60 to 80 nice and slim if you can't get out of a chair...? But let's be sensible. Food is a major aspect of life, so enjoy it sensibly! See here for more of our philosophy.  

 5) Do i need to join a gym? No. We have all the tools necessary for you to massively improve your fitness, and we charge by the hour with no tie-ins or contracts. If you get bitten by the exercise bug, by all means join a gym later. Obviously we don't have portable swimming pools, saunas in a bag, skinny lattes in a Thermos flask and my hairdressing skills are rubbish so we can't offer you any of those!