Have you constantly suffered with Irritable Bowel Syndrome? 

That unexplained sudden onset of agonizing cramps running from hip to hip, where it feels like your insides have just flipped over, followed by the mad dash to the toilet to get rid of what seems to be everything inside you? For the next couple of days you feel "washed out", with a need to know exactly where all toilets will be at any given moment in time...? 

With all this activity at the stern, did damage eventually occur resulting in fissures and haemorrhoids of the truly tearful and debilitating kind? 

Been there, worn the t-shirt, had the many unpleasant and agonizing tests at various hospitals...

I was on medication, and i went for many tests at Milton Keynes hospital and the John Radcliffe in Oxford. You name it they did it, from MRI to probes. The colonoscopy was truly dreadful and something i never want to experience again. The liquid enema i had to take for 24hours before hand is also something that should be in a torture manual.

This went on for years, with inevitable consequences. I ended up in hospital having emergency surgery.

Well after that i decided i didn't want to play anymore, so i had a real thorough look at my diet as i was evidently reacting badly to something! We already knew i was completely intolerant of Quorn products. If i had anything with that stuff in you could guarantee that within two hours i would be hurling violently, then i would be completely fine.

So we went through all the food and checked the ingredients with a fine toothed comb. We read all the stuff on the internet, and then read some more.

What did we find?

Well in becoming PTs and getting some good teaching, we began to understand the fallacy of modern "diets". We have read extensively on the subject, compared and contrasted the teachings and advice, and then implemented the findings personally.

Bloody hell, what a change.

Do you want to know what did it for me? Ruddy bread! Bread of all things.

And the proof? Well i don't have it during the week now at all, no toast, no sandwiches, no eggy soldiers, no chip butties, no soup dunkers. And now i don't get any abdominal problems at all during the week.

However, I`m very weak willed and i absolutely love 3 slices of Hovis Seeded Sensations smothered in Kerrygold or Yeo Valley real butter, with a cup of tea, watching Top Gear of a Sunday night.

And boy, do i pay for it :) Much as i love it, it goes through me like concentrated prune juice in a laxative syrup. But hey at least i have knowledge now.

In knocking the majority of bread on the head, i`ve also dropped the majority of gluten rich products, wheatflour or grain/cereal items. Obviously i still have them occasionally, i`m no martyr to the cause of Paleo eating, but i`m amazed at how much better i feel.

So my advice? If you have a dicky tummy that's not down to curry and beer, try knocking bread and gluten on the head for two weeks, then reintroduce them to see what happens.