Yep, more face/desk action...!

Not only does the advice seem to change weekly, but it's confusing as all hell and based on some seemingly half-baked studies at times.

SO where do we start?!

Ok here goes. Take everything you think you know about nutrition from whatever source, and bung it out the window.

Clean plate? Good, now let's start again from afresh.

  • Let's establish a fundamental First Principle and go from there:

"Eat only a varied, colourful, unprocessed, fresh, seasonal, locally sourced organic diet".

Oh good grief, doesn't that just smack of boring, expensive, trendy, hippy food that is going to be a right royal pain in the backside to source and prepare. And you know what? You're absolutely right.

As a western society, we've moved on from, for better or worse, Mum staying at home cooking, getting her veg from her backgarden allotment or local greengrocer, and her meat and fish from the local butcher and fishmonger, freshly preparing everything, with sugar being an expensive luxury. Modern society really isn't geared that way anymore, we now have to drive out of town to get apples from South Africa, as opposed to a tree in the back yard, and you just try getting away from sugar...!

But there we have it, that situation isn't going to change any time soon, we have to go with what we've got. To cap it all, regardless of the inconvenience, lack of time, lack of skills and all the other reasons we can come up with for not following the First Principle, it unfortunately doesn't make it any less true.

As a result of the huge shift in the ways of growing, retailing and preparing food in the last 50 years from industrial scale meat rearing, giant out of town supermarkets and ready to eat meals, we are about as far from our basic principle as it's possible to get! 

  • Ok, now we're onto our Second Principle:

"Eat food as close to it's natural state state as possible".

Two keys things here then. Do doughnuts have a natural state? And if you have to pass hydrogen gas through a very highly heated oil, in the presence of a nickel catalyst to make spreadable margarine for your toast, why not just have butter which is, after all, just shaken milk?

  • Right, Third Principle time:

"If you're looking at the nutritional information on a bag of Hula Hoops or Mr Kipling Apple Pies, Stop it".

Who are you kidding? That's just completely silly behaviour for a grownup.

If you're going to get it, get it, and enjoy it but in the full realisation that it's not reflecting the First and Second Principles! Seriously, it's like choosing which is going to hurt less: getting punched in the face or punched in the ging-gang-goolies. You still end up in getting punched! 

 So that's it, three Principles.

Next time you go to Tesco's, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, the Corner Shop, a Farmer's Market, the Offy, or go to put anything in your mouth, check it against the Principles! If it's as close to those as possible go right ahead, knock yourself out, but if they're as far from the Principles as it's possible to get, you may want to think twice...

Is it Blueberry flavoured, soft scoop, fat free, diet, bogof, ice cream or frozen cream with blueberries bunged in it...? (Hint: Go with the latter-the former will not have any cream in it whatsoever!!)