Our exercise philosophy is based around the simple concept of "Functional Movement".

So what does that mean? 

Well plain and simply it's just Primal Physical Activity!!!

And basically, that's just all-body movements in realistic, lifelike patterns.

Here's an example. Rugby players are not trained to run just forwards and backwards like a sprinter, beacuse if they get tackled from the side their body will have no "experience" of how to cope with that event. So they tend to train explosively, powerfully, side-to-side, randomly. Conversely there is not much point in training Usain Bolt to hop backwards...

Is doing 5 or 10km runs really what you want to do, or is it what you think you need to do? How useful is it to catching a bus, running up the stairs to a meeting, chasing your child who ran into the road, or bolting after the escaped dog? Not very! It's great for charity events, but not much use in real life.

Using a rowing machine maybe great if you want to be a rower, but can you carry heavy shopping bags through a shopping centre, or hold a box above your head?

Does what you've done previously really replicate what you do day-to-day in your normal life...?

So the training needs to be applicable, but it also needs to be whole body, which is extremely time efficient, and fun!

Another example for you. Take 1 minute and do bicep curls, take another 1 minute and do pressups. Which one is likely to have burned more calories, got your entire body working, raised the heart rate? Bicep curls may make your guns look bigger but that's not much good for anything else unless everything else is developed at the same time!

there are also lots and lots of ways to make press-ups entertaining--not so much with bicep curls...

We've been fortunate to have been trained by one of the best in this area and his instruction closely aligned with what we found to work for two middle aged, working parents! We've also done our research and closely follow the thought leaders in this area, so we're well abreast of not only the latest thinking, but the best and most logical thinking!

We also believe in the benefits of High Intensity Work.

An example of excellent high intensity work is padwork (boxing, kicking, tackling). 

Most people are thoroughly daunted by the though of this, but don't be! We've found that once our clients get going they absolutely love it.

We're not putting you in a ring, or rearranging faces; far from it! But you will be worked hard and fast, but the pay offs in recovery rate, cardio efficiency, fat loss and stress relief are unrivalled!  

As a Krav Maga Instructor in training, we firmly believe that everyone should have some knowledge of the basics of self defence, self awareness and self preservation and so occiasionally we incorporate elements of this into our sessions. Don't worry, you won't even know you're doing it,  but if you were interested in developing a deeper skill base we would point you in the right direction

We totally advocate kettlebell, powerbag and sandbell elements in your programme

This is superb stuff that absolutely gets you working. Again, we wouldn't design sessions for Dotty or Frank based on 24kg weights for an hour, but incorporate elements into your sessions using appropriate weight, after we've properly trained you in their use of course. We thoroughly advocate free weight and body weight work in mutliple planes of motion, for both sexes, so anything you see on special offer in Tesco or JJB sports is a no-no!    

Constant movement, constant challenge, constant variation .

By employing perpetual motion during the session we maximise efficiency, therefore getting the most value for you from your money! You won't get bored, you'll be kept guessing and most of all you'll enjoy coming.  

 Long, slow duration is out!

We may have mentioned somewhere that we personally don't do jogging or long distance running! It just doesn't float our boat, but we do know many people who are passionate about it. We can certainly advise you on nutrition and exercise that facilitates better running, but for running techniques, specialised knowledge and training partners we would send you on to others!