We have three distinct approaches that we can offer you.   



Our First Approach is the no-nonsense, fitness-for-life pathway where we adopt a functional exercise philosophy.

That's not a difficult thing to understand.

Basically if you live in a desert there's not much point in being taught to swim is there?

Therefore if you don't spend all day jogging everywhere then why would you train that way...?

We won't do fat callipers, scales, calorie counting, BMI etc. You don't need to be told you're not where you want to be. You don't need to be stripped to your pants and have skin fold measurements done to tell you you're not in shape!

We're not going to send you on 5 mile runs or pack you off with a Ryvita and a bit o' dust for the week. You won't be calculating calories and fretting over every mouthful!

What you want is your breath back, a notch lost on your jeans belt, you may want to drop a dress size or go from XL to L, or you simply want friends and family who haven't seen you for a while to comment on how different you look! You want to stop feeling so sluggish, demotivated and bored; you want to get out of the couch and just do something.

So what can you expect for your money?

Well firstly we will arrange an initial, free consultation at a convenient location, where we can can get to know one another. After all, you are employing a Personal Trainer!! We will discuss your current health and lifestyle, your reasons for change, your goals and motivations and anything else which ensures that your future fitness plans are realistic, acheivable and enjoyable!

We will then arrange our first active training session...

When we start the session you'll get the cobwebs blown away, and then we'll keep you guessing, challenged, sweaty and smiling for the rest of it using proven techniques or kit that delivers, not the latest dayglo faddy equipment. We'll finish with a cooldown and relaxing stretchoff that'll send you home or back to work feeling marvellous :) 

In the meantime we will send you your nutirional advice and homework plans to tide you over until our next active training session.

So maybe you want to take some frustration and anger out from a rubbish week at work; no worries we've got that covered! Maybe you've run out of ideas or plateaued in your current exercise regime; we can spice all that up! Maybe you just need to "come out to play" for an hour like you used to do when you were a kid; as an adult you miss that playtime!

We know all about the value of your time, and it is our absolute aim to make sure that the time you spend with us is time best spent!  

  We absolutely advocate "shopping" around for a Personal Trainer. Each P.T. has a hugely different personality, training background and training ethos that makes up their style!

Some can be very basic, some can be hugely imaginative, but they are YOUR PERSONAL Trainer, the key word there being personal!

Please make sure that because you don't get on with one particular Personal Trainer that you dismiss the notion entirely.

It may well be you are looking for a "Shouty Man" to really crack the whip, or a 16 times Ironman winner to aspire to, or a woman that could knock you into the middle of next week, or a trainer who goes by the name Bubbles--whoever it is, make sure you really look forward to your time with them, and you are more than happy giving them your money! 


Our Second Approach is the one you've come to expect from fully insured, professionally trained and registered, 1st Aid qualified, Advanced Personal Trainers.

It's our more prescribed, live-for-fitness, Sports pathway.

This will be the far more regimented system of nutrition and excercise plans that the more dedicated enthusiast will expect.

It will be delivered by us using the latest relevant study and research. If you have more specific requirements and goals that needs measuring, planning and delivering then we can certainly provide you the neccessary components. This would be ideal for any serious athlete, or someone who wants to really, really dedicate themselves to a total lifestyle change!

So firstly we will arrange the initial consultation in the privacy of your own home and where we will take the neccessary benchmark measurements and tests against which to measure progress.We will then make sure all your goals and aspirations are considered and formulate a far more precise, long-term training schedule, incorporating nutritional advice, homework and regular contact that will get you to those goals.

Make no mistake, this is serious dedication and not for the feint of heart because it may come as a complete shock to your system.

You will need proper commitment!